Dating excuses eve for eve dating

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It can be tough to stop making excuses for a partner who is treating you badly, but beginning to accept what’s happening is the first step toward holding them accountable for their own behavior.

I’m tentative about publicly sharing my go-to excuses—now everyone will know the tricks up my sleeve—but to be fair, half the time I say these things, they’re true!

I’d convince myself that I had done something awful to make them not want a relationship with me.

We've been canceled on, when we, ourselves, were excited. "In which case, hell's bells, You've scored yourself a meal.2.

What I Mean: We’re having a girls’ night out to meet boys that are cuter than you.

What I Say: I just got out of a relationship and am not ready to date yet.

Sometimes, he’d ask me first — something I found thrilling.

How cool and mature was it that we were talking about this? But, of course, the same things that happened with every other man I’ve dated would happen with these men, too.

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