Most intimidating muscle cars

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Let’s face it, your current truck isn’t very intimidating.You’ve practically been laughed off the road when you’ve tried to impress, while meaner trucks cruise on by.If you want to buy something that sits below ,000 and stands out, get a Subaru BRZ or a Scion(Toyota) FRS.Both offer a low stance, rear wheel drive, and are accessible at most Subaru or Toyota dealerships.The vehicles that leave me cowering in fear are those powerful, big-bodied trucks.

Of course, this 1969 model likely had some added "muscle." See more pictures of classic muscle cars.

Luckily, you local Dodge Dealers in Miami should have all the accessories you need.

Before we get into it, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind: There are a variety of different mufflers you could purchase to make your Dodge truck sound considerably meaner.

Between the uncertainty of what would make a good investment, fluctuations in pricing, and the inevitable wrenching and frustration, buying a classic car can be very intimidating.

Thankfully, Hagerty is an expert in classic cars and has come out with its list of best classic cars to buy for 2017.

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