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Director of the Quang Ninh Inland Waterway Port Authority Le Hong Thang said the small cruise ship had been sailing without a licence since failing to renew paperwork on 1st January.It sailed from Quang Ninh Province and was anchored off Cat Ba Island in Ha Long bay, a spectacular beauty spot, when the man died.The study utilized Vietnam Survey Assessment of Vietnamese Youth surveys conducted in 20 to answer the two research questions within the context of fast political, economic, and social change in Vietnam in the last two decades.Results of this study show that the prevalence of pregnancy among Vietnamese teenagers in the surveys was stable at 4%, or 40 pregnancies per 1000 adolescent girls aged 14 to 19.Babies of teen mothers are 50% more likely to be stillborn, die early, or develop acute and long-term health problems.Young girls who become pregnant are at high risk of abridged education [5], and thus limited economic prospects [1,2].Despite rates of adolescent fertility declining globally in recent decades [1,2,3,4], teen pregnancies, births, and their associated negative outcomes remain serious problems in many countries.

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Approximately 16 million adolescents aged 15 to 19 become pregnant each year, constituting 11% of all births worldwide [1].Her exchanges held earlier this month in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi were filled to the rim with local buffs.RACH GIA CITY, Vietnam — The offer came to families on the edge of desperation, living and working around the clock on garbage dumps whose sickening stench seeps into their clothes.Young and vulnerable It is a misfortune that falls on many young women in Southeast Asia with the twin vulnerabilities of being pretty and poor.Vietnam's Tuoi Tre newspaper reported today that it was the first time the couple had had sex but, embarrassed about purchasing a condom in a shop, the boy suggested he use a plastic bag for protection.

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