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could you say their horniness is related more to a desire for affection/protection a relationship has to offer, rather than simple sex?

but do girls really get as horny, if not more horny, than guys? do any girls go to clubs to get pulled, do girls stare at good looking guys when they are out and about and think 'I so want him to pick me up and throw me onto the bed...', do they masturbate as much as guys, do they generally think about guys more than guys think about them?In her review, Salon's normally hyperbole-averse Tracy Clark-Flory was beside herself: "This book should be read by every woman on earth," she writes; "the implications are huge."It's not, of course, as if feminism, or Internet porn, or any other feature of modernity has suddenly created desires that never previously existed.Rather, as Bergner and his researchers show, science is finally asking the right questions about what women want, perhaps because enough of us are ready to hear the answer.When I brought this up in the paper as one possible theory, reviewers reacted rather negatively.They thought the idea that men have a stronger sex drive than women was probably some obsolete, wrong, and possibly offensive stereotype.

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