Dating historic timber

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Entertainment varies from jazz in the "Duke" to summer rock bands in the marquee Passenger ferries operate continuously to the tourist town of Paihia where additional shops and attractions can be found.

A number of attractions leave from Russell wharf including the fast Excitor trip to the hole in the rock, R Tucker Thomson sailing ship, fishing charters and dolphin encounter cruisers.

Within its boundaries lies a rich, cohesive collection of historic buildings in a variety of architectural styles such as Italianate, Richardsonian Romaneque, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Bungalow, American Foursquare, Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial, and Art Deco.

[top] The Fan Area Historic District was primarily developed between 18, a period of general economic prosperity for the city of Richmond and one of gradual westward expansion from its commercial center.

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Bars range from the famous Duke of Marlborough hotel to the Bay of Island Swordfish club.

Russell was the first capital of New Zealand and one of the first European settlements.

The town is rich in history with a variety of shops and services that do not spoil the old charm.

Most famously in recent years, Alnwick Castle featured as ‘Hogwarts’ in the first two Harry Potter films. Built when King William II took Westmorland from the Scots, the great castle keep, known as Caesar’s Tower dates from around 1170.

Now a private residence it is not open to the public. Founded by Roger de Montgomery in 1067, the castle was damaged during the English Civil War and restored throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

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