Role players chat room for adults

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It is your duty as a chatter to know these rules and heed them.

Ignorance of the rules does not excuse your behavior and you can and will be banned if the need arises.

I would like to be able to Lock a voice channel so no one else can join it.

I stream and have a lot of people in my discord at one time, I don't want people who aren't in my game at the current time popping in and out just to appear on stream.

Many chat rooms online that discuss vampires also allow chatters to discuss a wide variety of other gothic topics.

Through my role as an internet safety advocate, I have heard parents discuss countless stories of kids and teens who have built a close, trusting online relationship with the stranger that they are role-playing with.Someone may report you to the Moderators, at which time you may be banned from the rooms. Also please remember that chatting over roleplaying characters is against the rules.Important Note: From time to time these rules may be changed and or updated without warning.(v.) To act and speak as if you are the character you're portraying.To roleplay is as much about what not to say as what TO say.

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