Dating in massachusetts

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It sounds like the two of you have issues already, but if he is upset by obvious dating on your part, that could lead to additional anger and resentment.

As a general rule, the more anger and resentment, the less cooperation .

For other readers with children, even more discretion should be employed.

Any type of conduct that is not in the best interest of the child, and that can certainly include exposing children to a new love interest while they are trying to cope with the separation of their parents, may effect custody decisions by the court.

Massachusetts is a no-fault state, and judges are rarely surprised to discover that one party to a divorce has been or is currently having an extramarital affair.

Typically, unless the marital misconduct is truly outrageous in scale, it is not terribly relevant.

Local groups are just another way to meet people in your area and are a great asset to the community! I've already filed for divorce but I know it will not be an easy one. I'm wondering if there's any legal reason why I should wait to date or if I can start dating now. You do not want your spouse to be able to argue that you dissipated marital assets on the significant other. Somerville Law Although I believe you are better off waiting until the divorce is final, dating during the divorce process is not likely to effect the outcome, provided it is done with a good deal of discretion. In addition to the previous comment I would also suggest that you are careful how you spend any savings on your significant other.Discretion in dating is also important to avoid antagonizing your soon to be ex. Unless you are representing yourself (not a good idea in an adversarial situation) the longer it takes to resolve disputes (or, even worse litigate disputes), the more you will pay. The last thing you want to do is give your spouse a reason to become less cooperative.

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