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Right there for me to ogle were her bare, tautly muscled little ass and her ripe little titties all-but-bared to my lusting eyes, the nipples covered, but very little else! she just as-well-have been naked for all that miniscule suit covered, and I’d had all I could stand!

Without a word, I stood-up and moved around to the front of my desk, grabbed her by the wrist and led her roughly to my bedroom, Jo Jo wanting to know what I was doing, and beginning to struggle to remove my hand from her wrist.

I should have been stricter when it came to her purchases, but as a single parent, I was just too lax, and THAT is where the story begins.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, about when Jo Jo came into the office from sunning by our pool, wearing the tiniest little thong bikini I had ever seen.

She wore a blue apron and a short dress that barely covered her black panties revealing a couple of seductive hips.

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My daughter Jo Jo had been driving me crazy all summer long.

Her attire (at least in public) did managed to cover the important parts of her ripe young body, but at home… Very seldom was she wearing any kind of decent pants; instead, she chose to wear thong bikini bottoms, and little teaser-tops that always exposed at least a half-inch of the bottom swells of her perky young titties.

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