Awstats not updating ubuntu

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To access your stats, go to: Domain Here.ext/Your Creative Name/Apache will first request for a user name and password.

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I'm trying to configure Awstats for a website on Centos 7. This how-to covers more on securing AWStats since installation on Ubuntu is simple.This installation is tested on Ubuntu server Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (Trusty Tahr) running Apache 2.4 web server. On your Ubuntu terminal, type: Log File="/var/log/apache2/access.log" Log Format= 1 Site Domain= "Your Domain Here.ext" Host Aliases=" Your Domain localhost" Allow To Update Stats From Browser= 0 Allow Access From Web To Authenticated Users Only=1 Allow Access From Web To Following Authenticated Users="Name Here" Allow Access From Web To Following IPAddresses="Put Your IPHere" Save Database Files With Permissions For Everyone=0If you study your logs carefully and long enough, you will notice “weird” requests on your website.The AWStats package in Ubuntu (as of 14.10, and Ubuntu Vivid as of Jan 2015) repository remains at version 7.2, which dates back to July 2013.The internet has changed a lot since then and using old version only results in inaccuracies.

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